CMS Forex Bonus

Opening an account with CMS Forex of at least $500 will bring you a 100% deposit bonus. You will get $50 upon trading every 10 lots until you receive the 100% of your deposit. And there is no limitation regarding deposit amount. Thus, if you deposit $100,000 you will earn up to $100,000. And even if you already have a CMS account, you still can get the 100% bonus on your next deposit.

For instance:
Deposit                         Trade                Earn
$1,000.00                  50 lots             $250.00
$1,000                         200 lots           $1,000
$5,000                        400 lots            $2,000
$5,000                        1,000 lots        $5,000
$1,000,000.00       3,000 lots        $15,000.00
$1,000,000.00       200,000 lots  $1,000,000.00

Other conditions

  • This promotional offer is available only to CMS Forex UK clients using the VT Trader platform. In case of holding multiple accounts, bonus will be limited to only one of your accounts and will apply to the first deposit amount only. This is the reason we recommend that you make your deposits in one lump sum.
  • There are two options – A and B – for bonus payment. A: the bonus is paid out to your trading account in installments of $50 for every 10 lots you trade. You will see the bonus amount on your account within 24 hours after closing the 10th lot. For instance, depositing $2,000, you will receive $50 to your trading account every time you trade 10 lots. We will do it up to 40 times until the 100% of your initial deposit amount – $2,000 – is achieved. B: a $5 bonus will be credited to the accounts with deposits below $1,000for every one standard lot traded.
  • For instance, upon depositing $800 the bonus payment you will receive after trading 8 lots will be $40. After repeating this operation for 20 times you will receive all the $800, or 100% of your initial deposit. All these lots must be traded within 6 months from the initial deposit date.
  • The minimum deposit requirement for participation in this promotion is $500. And there is no upper limit to your deposit amount.
    Lots traded in any currency pairs with HKD will not be counted.
  • This bonus is used separately from any other bonus payment, discount or promotion.
  • OTC Forex UK trading involves a considerable risk of loss. Leverage may increase both losses and gains.
  • Capital Market Services UK Ltd is authorized and regulated by the FSA, registration number 488900.
  • Available only on VT Trader 2.0

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