FBS Bonus

fbsEach deposit with FBS is offered a 25% bonus.
You will have to apply for the bonus after having made your deposit.
You will be allowed to withdraw the bonus only after you have traded (bonus size)/3 lots.
For instance, in case you deposit $1000, you’ll receive a bonus of $250. It can be used for trading and the profit it brings may be withdrawn unrestrictedly whenever you wish.
You can withdraw the bonus on the condition of trading 250/3 = 84 standard lots.

Other conditions

The bonus will be removed or cancelled if the amount of your own funds becomes less than the bonus amount.
The bonus will be removed or cancelled if trader withdraws their own funds after the bonus was added.
If the account balance falls below zero, the company will compensates it to zero.
Only one bonus account of each type is allowed to have for a single client. In case a client holds or there is a suspicion (supported by IP address or contact information match) that he holds more than one account of the same type, all the bonuses will be removed or canceled.
Clients can withdraw their profit from trading on a bonus account anytime.
Maximum bonus size at FBS is $10,000.

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