FBS Deposit Bonus

fbsConsider trying Forex trading? At FBS you can get $5 for free to do so. To receive this bonus open a micro trading account, install the MetaTrader platform and bonus charging software. When having logged in to your account in MetaTrader make sure to check the following settings of your terminal from the Tools tab: Options -> Expert Advisers, and select the following checkboxes: Allow live trading, Enable expert advisers, Allow external expert imports, Allow DLL imports; and unselect all the rest of the checkboxes. Then run mql-script “_GET 5$ Bonus” from your terminal (can be found in Scripts tab in the Navigator window). There is also a detailed video tutorial available as well. After this the bonus will be credited to your account automatically.
For instance, you’ve opened a micro trading account, installed their trading platform and bonus software, checked all the relevant settings and run the bonus script. Then you will receive the $5 to your account, and within a few days of trading you will be able to multiply it up to $20.00. In this case you’ll be able to withdraw $15.00 at a cost of $7.00, receiving the free cash of $8.00.

Other conditions

The bonus is credited only once and for only one account (in case of multiple ones opened from the same computer)
The bonus is not allowed to be withdrawn.
Profit from trading with the bonus is allowed to be withdrawn anytime.
The first withdrawal from a bonus account is charged a one-time payment of $7, with the further withdrawals being free.
FBS reserves the right to decline a client’s bonus application with no prior notification or explanation of the reason.

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