Forex-Metal Bonus

Forex-MetalIf you deposit $100 you will receive $130 into your account balance!

Each new member who will make a deposit at Forex-Metal will be rewarded with a bonus of 30% up to $3,000 credited into his account balance.

How it works:

Traders will make any deposit will be eligible for a bonus of 305 but this bonus cannot exceed the limit set on $3,000:

For deposits of up to $1,000 the bonus amount is 30%.

For deposits from $1,001 to $3,000 – maximum $400.

For deposits $3,001 and to $6,000 – maximum $600.

For deposits $6,001 and to $10,000 – maximum $1,200.

For deposits $10,001 and to $15,000 – maximum $2,000.

For deposits $15,001 and to $20,000 – maximum $2,500.

For deposits above $20,001 – maximum $3,000.

When the deposit has been accomplished the client should nominate the amount of the bonus before making any trading activity.

The starting point for trading is set at 0.01 lots (which is about $1,000 in USD denominated currency pairs)

The trader gets 1:200 leverage for the deposits less than $1,000. For the deposits higher than $1,000 the leverage will be 1:100.

The amount of the deposit together with the bonus received is credited to the trading account balance.

The bonus amount cannot be changed by any circumstances.

In order to withdraw your money:

The earnings except the amount of the bonus can be cashout anytime the user feels to do so. It is required that all the positions should be closed at the moment of the withdrawal.

The bonus amount together with the profit that you have made from your trading activity can be withdrawn if certain conditions are respected. It is necessary to make trades with a total amount equal the amount of the bonus divided by 10. The trading activity is calculated from your past 2 months. For example if you received a $50 bonus you have to trade a total volume of 5 lots, if the bonus was $100 you will need to trade 10 lots in order to get your bonus.

The bonus will be automatically canceled if the conditions stipulated in the section 7.2 are not respected and the bonus is withdrawn from the account before the required date.

Only the real account forex traders are in the position to receive this bonus. Trading with CFDs will prevent you from getting access to this bonus.


Suppose you decide to register a new trading account at Forex-Metal and then you make a deposit of $2,900 being attracted of the bonus promotion. You are eligible for a $400 bonus with your deposit amount. With the big amount of $2,900 you can earn some important profits trading on Forex and making at least 40 trades in a given period of 2 months will give you the possibility to withdraw your profit together with your bonus.

Special conditions

The clients located in from India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam are able to get into the bonus program only if they made a deposit using the wire transfer.

The bonus limit is set to the $3,000 no matter of the deposit amount.

It is strictly forbidden to open multiple accounts in order to benefit of the bonus program and if you are caught doing so then Forex-Metal reserves its right to cancel the awarded bonus anytime without any prior notice. The site does not tolerate the cheating and the dishonest conduct of its users.


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