LiteForex No Deposit Bonus

LiteForexYou get a $200 bonus from LiteForex just to start your trading activity. The Boom Promotion gives the possibility to register an account where the trader gets an immediate $200 bonus deposited into his account. There are some requirements that need to be gathered if you want to withdraw this bonus. The general rule is that the more you trade – the more you can withdraw. It is easy to keep up with you trading progress in your Trader’s Cabinet at LiteForex. You will be able to take the bonus in batches of $20.


Suppose you open a new account at LiteForex and you get the nice $200 bonus into your balance account. You trade for about 3 months opening and closing as many positions as you can and in case you made some profits will be able to withdraw them together with your bonus.

Special conditions

You have 180 days to become active if you are in the Boom Promotion.

There are certain movements that do not count such as opening positions for less than 2 minutes hedged positions, trades in CFD for NYSE stocks and positions with gain/loss less than 3 pips.

There aren’t given the exact trading conditions for you to take the bonus at LiteForex.

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